About The Green Room Psychology Service Sydney

To many people, the colour green can create an invigorating, refreshing and calming effect. It is also associated with fertility, growth, newness or change.

The Green Room Psychology Service is run by Sydney Psychologists trained at Sydney University in areas of Clinical Psychology.

The Green Room offers effective diagnosis, assessment, intervention and therapy treatment for a wide range of psychological issues affecting both adolescents and adults. These include:

Adolescent/Children Therapy

  • Anxiety:  excessive worry, phobias, panic attacks, social & performance anxiety, obsessions & compulsive behaviours
  • Bullying & Social skills training
  • Self-esteem & confidence
  • Depression
  • Eating problems & body image concerns
  • Psychosis
  • Adjustment issues, including family separation & divorce or grief & loss

Adult Therapy

  • Adjustment to change such as with illness, loss or bereavement, work etc...
  • Anger management & stress management
  • Anxiety: separation anxiety, excessive worry, health anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, social & performance anxiety, obsessions & compulsive behaviours
  • Assistance with parenting issues
  • Depression
  • Eating problems and/or body image concerns
  • Medico-legal & negligence issues
  • Relationship issues: understanding & changing past patterns of relationships, developing trust, communication, personal boundaries & limit-setting, assertiveness & social skills training, coping with separation & relationship breakdown
  • Recovery from childhood abuse & neglect
  • Self-esteem & confidence
  • Trauma

Our Approach

At the Green Room, our aim is to create a safe, relaxed and confidential environment where clients can feel at ease to open up and discuss any difficult issues they may be experiencing or concerned about.  

We endeavour to help people develop, grow and feel whole; by overcoming their fears, realising and reaching their life goals, improving their self-esteem, readjusting to life changes and building and maintaining healthy relationships.

Our approach will vary depending on client needs. We do practice CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), which is provened to be highly effective in the treatment of depression, anxiety and related problems.

Consultations with us involves detailed discussion of the issues concerning the client. 
We intervene by:

  • Assessing the emotional, intellectual and behavioural functioning of the client
  • Exploring the thoughts, emotions and behaviour of the client and tracing their origins
  • Helping the client develop effective ways of controlling and coping with these difficulties
  • Helping the client to implement changes that enhance wellbeing and awareness, and alleviate the presenting problems.

Sessions are usually up to one hour in length, but assessment sessions may be longer. The number of sessions required will vary and is negotiated with each client.

Our Sydney Clinical Psychologists

Anne has a Masters degree in Psychology, from the University of Sydney. She also holds a postgraduate diploma in forensic psychology from the University of Western Sydney and Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Industrial Relations) from the University of Sydney. In addition to her academic training, Anne also has experience in facilitating adult depression group treatment programs, dialectical behaviour therapy group treatment programs for adolescents and experience with acute mental illness.

Her expertise include depression, anxiety disorders, health anxiety, cross-cultural psychology, early psychosis, adjustment to life events, stressors or change, adolescent issues, stress management, building self-esteem and trauma counselling.  Her other areas of interests are relationship difficulties, grief and loss and eating and dieting disorders.

She has extensive experience as a clinical psychologist working in the public sector in both hospital and community mental health settings. Her experience involves conducting risk and mental health assessments, crisis intervention, providing neuropsychological assessments and psychological intervention for people with acute or chronic mental illnesses.
She works mainly with families and individuals in crisis as well as adolescents presenting with first episode psychosis, severe mood, anxiety, behavioural, chronic and mental illness problems.

Anne is fully registered with the NSW Board of Psychologists. A full member of the Australian Psychological Society and a member of the Clinical College of Clinical Psychologists. 

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